Flowtrition is the art and science of using Flow to determine the specific supplemental or dietary support that can enable the individual to better integrate physical and/or emotional events that are currently affecting their body.

Using Flowtrition, Dr. Wright was able to recognize that a supplement that feeds the pituitary gland, for a woman, was more valuable to her body than supplements for the thyroid.

Even though medically she presented with thyroid symptoms and traditional medicine would prescribe thyroid medication, the pituitary supplement was more useful in addressing her situation.

As in all Flow sessions, the purpose is to connect, and follow rapport. The body is the guide for what will best support that individual. Flowtrition is not about diagnosing, or fixing. It is about listening to the body, supporting the body, and allowing the body, the opportunity to heal itself.

Expand your understanding of life stressors, integration, healing, and Flow, by joining us at the next Flowtrition seminar.

One Day $200
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Flow Level II