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October 4-6, 2013 Level 3&4 (Horse & Human), in Kansas
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Frederic Pignon, star of Cavalia, trainer and owner of the Cavalia horses :
"Before going on stage one night, after learning Flow from Lance, I made a contact, like Lance showed me. I felt a deeper connection between us, and when we went on stage we flowed together as one...
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A novel approach to health...

Flowtrition is a gentle touch that allows for the integration of life experiences stored in the body as tension. It is a means of finding the touch, nutrition, and thoughts that encourage growth and evolution of the individual. As a result, people and animals notice significant shifts with improved health and well being. Flowtrition sessions can last anywhere from three minutes up to thirty minutes. Read more about Flowtrition

Whether you have been receiving Flow/Flowtrition for years or have only read about Flowtrition, you will come away from our Basic Flowtrition Course with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Flowtrition. You will be prepared to do Flowtrition with people, as well as animals. If you decide to learn more, you can continue with the Level 2-Level 6 seminars. After meeting certain requirements, a person can become a Certified Flowtrition Practitioner for people, and/or animals. Read more about Flowtrition Seminars

The goal of Planetary Flow is for the health and well-being of the individual, the group and the planet. For each event, we will travel with a group of people to a sacred site. While we are there, Dr. Lance Wright will find locations at the site where people will receive multiple Flowtrition sessions. In addition we will explore the site, with guided contemplations, as well as alone time. Read more about Planetary Flow

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